My First Post
August 04, 2021 1 min read

Writing was on my list of new year resolutions. Though we're 8 months into the year, I figured it's still not too late to start. I'm interested in topics around software design patterns and architecture. As I read about topics around these terminologies, I will be putting together my learnings on the various topics and make them available via these blog posts.

There are definitely great resources out there around these topics and great books like Design Patterns, Designing Data-Intensive Applications and the like which provide great insights. Martin Fowler's website is also a great place I've been reading about these topics.

My plan is to use these articles as a way of structuring my learning around the various topics with the added benefits of making them available for other engineers to read.

I'll be writing also about solutions to technical challenges I face while working on projects and the thinking process behind the strategies used.

Also, I signed up for @monicalent's grow your blog as a developer course to get some insights on this writing journey 😊

Hopefully, this will not be the only article post I write this year 😅

See you in my next post!